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Get Magento 2 insights with Joke Puts, speaker for 2018 edition

Magento 2 starts to come out of the “new” stage but isn’t a toy you just play with.

With great power comes great responsibility.

That’s why we need guidance on how to use it and use it in the right way to not pay the price on long term. Pretty sure you already heard some horror stories on the matter.

Joke Puts will tell us how to manipulate Magento 2 to obtain the best results.

Talk: Manipulating Magento 2

Joke works as a PHP consultant for PHPro in Belgium. She started developing in Magento in 2013 and hasn’t stopped since.
In 2017 she started speaking at meetups and events. She believes that trying to explaining a concept will help you as a speaker to gain more insight in that concept. And speaking is a great opportunity to meet people! So, what are you waiting for? Come and meet her and her great insights on Magento 2.

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