Many hands make great work!

Magento Contributor Sticker

Together with the Magento Community Engineering Team we will work on a special project called Multi-Source Inventory which enhances Magento 2 inventory functionality, giving the possibility to define multiple sources for product stocks and opening up new possibilities for merchants.


We will spend the whole day together contributing to the Magento core and having the possibility to learn Magento 2 internals directly guided by the people that constantly work to improve and expand our beloved platform.


Do you really want to miss this valuable opportunity to be nominated as Magento Contributor, see your name added to the contributors’ hall of fame and receive your swag?


Reserve your seat now and don’t forget to bring your laptop; we’ll take care of pizza and coffee for you!


In case you still have doubts: the first one with a contribution merged on develop branch will have her or his conference ticket reimbursed!


Ticket: 15€ Buy now!
When: 5th of April 2018, Milan from 10:00 AM till 17:45
Where: Talent Garden Merano Via Merano, 16, 20127 Milano MI