MultiSafepay, Smart Payment Services sponsor of MageTitans Italy

MultiSafepay provides secure and flawless online payments.

With e-commerce payment solutions and conversion increasing tools, MultiSafepay makes it easy to accept, manage, and stimulate online payments. MultiSafepay offers a wide range of local and international payment methods and several easy integration options, allowing e-commerce companies to immediately sell products worldwide.

Their ecommerce plugins are built in-house to ensure a seamless integration with the MultiSafepay payment platform and are updated regularly to support the latest features.

MultiSafepay Magento 2 plugin includes one-step checkout, direct refunds, and full technical support. Additional features include advanced fraud prevention, (mobile) responsive payment pages, the option to add multiple currencies and languages, real-time transaction updates, and much more.

We are grateful for their support for the event and Magento Community.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend: get your ticket now or get the chance to win your ticket by working side-by-side with the Community Engineering Team during our Contribution Day on April 5th.

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