Cracking Magento: what key should I press to become a hacker

with Giacomo Mirabassi from MageSpecialist

When: 7th of April 2018, Milan from 10:00 AM duration ~3h *

the location is open since 9:00 AM so you can arrive early and settle in time for the workshop to start.

Where: Talent Garden Merano Via Merano, 16, 20127 Milano MI


  • Basic knowledge of Magento 2 development
  • A laptop with VirtualBox installed, we’ll send you instructions to setup the dev environment 1 wk before.


The workshop aims to give to the attendees some guidance on writing secure PHP code with a specific focus on Magento extensions. After a short introduction, they will attempt to breach into a Magento2 installation by exploiting some purposedly crafted extensions that show different types of common vulnerabilities.


After the breach there will be time to review together the vulnerable code and discuss how to avoid such kind of security holes. In this way all the participants will have a chance to have an hand-on experience about various kind of common vulnerabilities and attack vectors (eg. SQL Injection, Cross site scripting, path traversal and so on).

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Giacomo was born in 1981 and started his web developer career when websites were built with Flash. He is now working at Magespecialist.

Despite its email signature only says “Magento Backend Developer” he has several unofficial company titles such as “git mess resolver”, “vim conjurer”, “ansible master”, “rails evangelist” and some others.