Ben Marks: What It Means to Magento

If you’re Italian you might know the saying:

when one door closes another one opens.

Life happens and not always everything goes by plan, which isn’t necessary a bad thing.

We are really sorry for not having Rebecca Brocton with her keynote as planned but we hope there will be future editions to have this opportunity.

In the meanwhile, amazingly enough this edition line-up got even better. Who would’ve have guessed could even be possible.

Our cherry on top is Ben Marks, Magento evangelist, our ears and voice in Magento for so many years will open this year edition with What It Means to Magento!

Wanna know the answer? Then go grab your ticket before it goes sold out or get the chance to win your ticket by working side-by-side with the Community Engineering Team during our Contribution Day on April 5th.

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