Migrating your Magento frontend skills to Magento 2 with Arjen Miedema

Arjen is a Magento developer who’s able to do both frontend and backend development but is working mostly as a frontend developer.

He is been working with Magento since v1.3 and is involved with the Dutch Magento community ever since.

He is co-hosting the MUG for the Northern part of Holland and he has been a speaker on several Dutch Magento events and Meet Magento Spain in 2015.

We are happy to announce that Arjen will be on stage talking about how to migrate Magento frontend skills to Magento 2.

Talk: Migrating your Magento frontend skills to Magento 2

Currently, I’m working on my first Magento 2 project.
I found out that a lot of Magento frontend skills learned from Magento 1 are deprecated.

You have to rethink about how you setup your styles and templates if you’ll stick to default Magento with Grunt and LESS or if you want to move to the Snowdog solution including Gulp and SASS, or even use Magento 2 headless and develop the frontend in a separate environment.

My talk will be about this kind of decisions, questions, and struggles during the development of a Magento 2 shop.

We still have some speakers to be announced but it’s time to reserve your seat not to miss out this great conference!

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