Why participate to Magetitans?

While we wish there was no need to explain, there are still so many of you that maybe doesn’t know anything about Mage Titans and the value of participating so we thought to lay it down for you.

Let’s start with the conference.

We do our best to make it as affordable as possible for as many developer as possible.

And how we do this?

We don’t do it for the money. We do it cause we believe in Magento Community. We believe together we can go further and reach greater result than alone. We believe in excellence that can be achieved by never stop learning from others. That’s why for as little as 8€ you get 40 minutes of Vinai teaching you about the Ui Components, and for another 8€ you get to explore what PWA in Magento really means with Jamie Maria Schouren  and so on for other 10 great teachers you get for the price of a ticket.

Than we have the contribution day.

For only 15€, you get to have by your side, for an entire day, Magento 2 Architects that will be your colleagues for one day and perhaps, by the end of it, do your contribution that can bring your name in the release notes of future versions of Magento 2 and be proud about it.

In all this we include the pleasure of great food, cause our minds need nourishment to work at their best and the opportunity to network with your peers to share your story during breaks, lunch and the conference after party.

And it’s not all. We even try to give back by supporting charity projects like giving water to those in need, helping communities by planting trees or even helping to spread awareness on mental health.

So by participating you help yourself, you help others, you help continuing the tradition of this event every year.

Don’t miss unique opportunity: get your ticket now or get the chance to win your ticket by working side-by-side with the Community Engineering Team during our Contribution Day on April 5th.

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