Headshot of Jamie Maria Schouren

Jamie Maria Schouren, our second speaker for 2018 edition

PWA isn’t just a buzzword anymore and even Magento acknowledges it, being one of the projects that the Frontend Architect, James Zetlen is in charge of.

We couldn’t help but include this topic among the ones of 2018 edition and, furthermore, with a live demo of a real project thanks to Jamie Maria Schouren, director and revolutionist at Deity.

Jamie Maria is addicted to e-commerce, in love with code and has her mind bound to business. Driven by the urge for innovation, she fights with the aim to improve the online world around her. With Deity she is abetting an online revolution to evolve web technologies to the use of PWA and microservice based solutions.

Talk: Complete PWA front-end with Magento 2: live demo

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