What a great event it was!

If you didn’t attend the great Mage Titans 2015 conference at the Comedy Store in Manchester you can make an idea by watching the slides and the videos which were recently published.

We list all of them here for your convenience:

  • Event introduction by Jon Woodall: video
  • The How and the Why of composable Magento by Alistair Stead and James Cowie: slidesvideo
  • Architecture in the Small by Vinai Kopp: slidesvideo
  • Front-end from scratch: supercharge page speed by 300% with front-end optimisation alone by Yousef Cisco: slidesvideo
  • Cache Config by Paul Partington: slidesvideo
  • BDD and TDD in an agile environment by Sarah Alhawi: slidesvideo
  • Magento Best Practices by Alessandro Ronchi: slidesvideo
  • Aspect Oriented Magento by Daniel Sloof: slidesvideo
  • Mistake Driven Development by David Manners: slidesvideo
  • The Innovation Award by Grant Kemp: video
  • Magento 2: What It Means To You & Your Merchants by Ben Marks: slidesvideo
  • Debugging and Magento by Tony Brown: slidesvideo
  • Going beyond Magento speed limits without HHVM and Varnish by Ivan Chepurnyi: slidesvideo
  • Agile Product Management by Kimberely Thomas: slidesvideo

If you want to feel the atmosphere, here are some photos taken at the event: https://plus.google.com/photos/116959853599166556334/album/6215192146053127217/6215192149125948018

Last, but not least, don’t forget to give your feedback; it will help us build an even better conference for you: https://joind.in/event/view/4994

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