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Let’s dive into Magento 2 automated testing with Igor Miniailo

Why do automated tests matter? What is a “Unit” and how to avoid writing useless Unit tests? Igor Miniailo will answer to these and other questions during his presentation at Mage Titans Italy 2018.

Talk: Automated testing in Magento 2

Igor has been working for Magento for last 6 years. He designed such functionality as Magento 2 Search and Async operations (for EE), Catalog Inventory.

Also, He has been involved in many general stuff routines as Magento 2 Service Contracts and performance optimizations on different levels.

Currently, he works in Community Engineering Team and considers this as a great opportunity which will bring Magento to another level.

Because if you want to be an Open Source you have to keep “the door open” for Community’s contributions and ideas.

He leads Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) project, which supposes to introduce Multi Stock functionality into the M2 platform.
This big and very important core functionality is being developed and designed in a community-driven way.
Which is a unique experience for all the participants and Magento itself.

Don’t hesitate to ping him if you would have questions along the way.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend: get your ticket now or get the chance to win your ticket by working side-by-side with the Community Engineering Team during our Contribution Day on April 5th.

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