Discovering BlueFoot with John Hughes

John Hughes, Technical Director at Fisheye, Professional Magento Solutions Partner agency, started working 5 years ago with Magento and learned his way through several topics: from store config and data work, development, developer workflow and tools, performance and optimisation and of course scoping solutions and integrations of all shapes and sizes. His 2016 was consumed wholly by the move to Magento 2, with the Fisheye team delivering several successful projects.

Since attending MageTitans in Manchester in 2015 his awareness of the fantastic community that exists became apparent and since then he has been following and getting to know many of the fantastic people that share his passion at various other events and on Twitter. 

This year he wants to begin to become further involved within the community and give back or at least provide his opinion on areas he gained expertise, with a focus on helping developers get more done in the right way starting with his talk at Mage Titans Italy 2017.

Talk: Harnessing the power of BlueFoot for developers

BlueFoot has been a revelation for CMS within Magento since launching last April and as it is due to become part of the Magento core by the end of 2017 it isn’t going away anytime soon.

However, BlueFoot isn’t just a fancy tool for the merchants we support to take more control over the content on their sites, it is an incredibly flexible and extensible, developer friendly platform that can revolutionise the way you approach creating solutions for Magento.

My talk will be a whistle stop tour of what BlueFoot is, what features it provides, the underlying tech behind it and how you can develop your own BlueFoot ‘Page Builder Blocks’ to provide even more value to merchants.  I’ll also share some of the solutions we’ve come up with and have planned at Fisheye and where we see BlueFoot going into the future and beyond.

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