Workshop by Max Pronko on Payment Integrations

We are proud to announce that Max Pronko will hold our second workshop at Mage Titans Italy.

Max was part of Magento core development team for five years and nowadays he is CTO of and

He is a very active and resourceful member of Magento community: among other things he curates his Magento2 Blog, sends us the popular DevLetter and recenlty launched his useful DevChannel.

Workshop: Magento 2 Payment Integrations done right

Intended audience

Magento developers who want to start building payment integrations with local payment providers.


  1. Overview of Payment Gateway API
  2. Common mistakes to avoid when building payment integrations
  3. Best practices to follow for custom payment modules built for Magento 2

Workshop tickets are on sale right now; seats are limited, don’t miss out the extraordinary opportunity to join!

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