Workshop By David Manners from Sitewards

After our recent launch, we already received a lot of interesting submissions for the Call for Papers and, the cherry on top, we are happy to announce this year Mage Titans Italy will hold a workshop on Saturday, 10th of June 2017 by the amazing speaker David Manners thanks to the sponsorship of Sitewards.

David Manners
David Manners

Senior Software Architect at Sitewards in Frankfurt Germany, who specialize in e-commerce solutions, his main passion is with Magento and other e-commerce software, having worked in the field for the past 10 years.

Magento Master 2016 and Zend Certified Engineer, is a well-known contributor on Magento Stack Exchange also being part of the team organizing MageStackDay #6.

He proved to be a great speaker on many occasions being able to mix knowledge with humor and making complex topics easy to understand. You can take a pick of his talk at Mage Titans UK 2015 – Mistake Driven Development to see what we’re talking about.

Don't be a git!
Don’t be a git!

You may also be familiar with his MageEngage Youtube Channel, a series of interviews aiming to “introduce the Magento Community to the Magento Community” and show the person behind the twitter handle. He likes to champion developer welfare and enjoys a challenge with regular expressions.

Workshop: How to un-Magento your Magento code

Back in the day writing your code specifically for Magento 1 was great, but along came Magento 2 and changed the landscape of the e-commerce frameworks. With this shift in the ecosystem, it has become more and more important to build loosely coupled code that can work with a multitude of frameworks giving you more freedom to choose the solutions that best fit your projects.

During this workshop, you will learn how to plan and build framework agnostic code. Focusing on getting the separation of concern right early in the development process allows you to react quickly to an ever changing landscape.

Workshop Sponsor: Sitewards

Sitewards is a Frankfurt (Germany) based full-service e-commerce provider. Based on a thorough consulting process aiming to jointly understand potentials and constraints of customer´s business, they design and build state of the art B2B, B2C and B2B2C solutions, web shops and web applications. Their senior team of business consultants, usability and frontend experts, Magento certified developers, dedicated quality assurance and project managers offers a value-focused approach for achieving e-commerce business goals. Their clients include a number of well-known brands, mid-size companies and ad agencies.

Workshop tickets are on sale right now; seats are limited, don’t miss out the extraordinary opportunity to join!

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