Ui components, one of the scary beast of Magento 2 with Maria Kern

For those who didn’t yet dip their toes in the water of Ui components, be advised cause this is not an easy topic. Suffice to check one of the famous issue on Magento 2 repo, UI Components are painful opened by Vinai Kopp.

For this reason we are happy to have Maria Kern, Senior Frontend Architect at netz98 GmbH and Magento Certified Frontend Developer, filling our line-up with such an important topic.
Maria Kern in 2006 has started her dual studies at netz98 GmbH as Bachelor of Arts in Media Design. She subsequently specialised in frontend development of several web interfaces and various Magento online shops. By now she works as Senior Frontend Architect and loves to plan and organise frontend architectures as well as the further development of internal frameworks and modules. In 2015 she hold a talk about modular frontend development at the Meet Magento in Leipzig and furthermore she has published many articles about Magento frontend development, mobile optimisation, design and usability.

Talk : Magento 2 UI Components – The JS part

The UI Components define a major part of the Magento 2 frontend and are closely linked to the backend logic. No matter whether you are frontend- or backend-developer, it is mandatory to understand and operate with these Javascript components. Especially changing and extending those, for example in the checkout, is a challenge for all of us. An overview about the initialization, the structure, the usage, the customization possibilities, risks and opportunities is given by this presentation. Possible solutions for debugging are shown as well.

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