Sherrie Rohde

Sherrie Rohde, the unrevealed magento master

We all know, for the past few years, Sherrie Rohde for her great job as Magento Community Manager, where she accomplished a lot of improvements for our community by:

  • Growing the member base of to over 150,000 members in just over a year after launch.
  • Listening to our community and bringing their feedback to Magento team as well as connecting them with the community for various initiatives and research opportunities.
  • Publishing a weekly #MagentoMonday Community Digest
  • Creating the idea, strategy and execution of Magento Masters, a program designed to elevate and reward Magento’s top contributors across the ecosystem.
  • Creating a program to support Magento Meetups across the world.

Such a pity that being the mind behind Magento Masters, she can’t nominate herself among them since not everybody knows that her contribution, endless passion and support for the community started way before 2015 when she joined Magento as Community Manager. In fact, since the early days of Magento in 2008, she became an active member of Magento community volunteering to:

  • Moderate forums at
  • Assist in troubleshooting technical issues and writing documentation.
  • Rewrote official Designer’s Guide to Magento for versions CEv1.4+, PEv1.8+ and EEv1.8+.
  • Rewrote instructions for packaging instructions on Magento Connect 1.5.
  • Aided in testing, launching, promoting and moderating Magento Answers.

Makes you wonder where does she find so much energy and passion for doing all this. So don’t miss your chance to get inspired by her at Mage Titans Italy on the 9th of June.

Talk: How to Make the Most of Magento Events

By the end of this event, you’ll be plotting out the next opportunity to gather insights with this amazing Magento community. In this short talk, I’ll share with you techniques I’ve learned to keep the momentum going after the event and for how to demonstrate the value of this day to your boss (whether that’s an employer or yourself) so that we’ll simply be saying ‘See you next time!’ instead of ‘Goodbye.’

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend and grab your ticket!

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