Meet your ally in the never-ending battle against bugs: Automated Testing

Dmytro Nortenko is a founder and CEO of QA Madness. Being very demanding with the quality of services in his working and everyday life, he brought all the best practices to the heart of the Сompany. As a result, in 2016 QA Madness was included in the list of Top Software Testing Companies, according to resource.

That would never have happened without Alexandra Korniichuk, who is not only a CTO of the Company but is also a mastermind of the Technical Department and the main quality Jedi at QA Madness. Moreover, today she occupies the position of the leading automation specialist at QA Madness. Having huge experience in working as a QA engineer, project manager and QA lead, she brings a strong background in manual and automated testing to life for the projects from all over the world.
Alexandra and Dmytro have a strong belief in what they do. Together with the whole QA Madness team, they are creating the world where people care about the Quality.

Talk: The bright and dark sides of Magento automated testing

Introduction Every force has two sides. “You find balance – you find peace of mind”, ー Master Yoda would say. Each of us aspires to become a Master. Our main weapon on this path is information and analysis. May the Force be with you in automated testing.

1) Light side of automated testing At some stage of your product lifecycle, you can find that manual testing isn’t enough anymore. We will highlight those situations when you need to automate testing to make it more effective and beneficial.

2) Dark side of automated testing You may think that automated testing is a panacea, and it can solve all your issues related to testing. However, be aware that automated testing, just like anything else, has a dark side as well. So welcome to the dark side of automated testing: the problems that might occur during implementation of automated testing in the project; why it isn’t effective and reasons why you might not need automated testing.

3) How to stay on the light side Automated testing can be an effective medicine or a dangerous poison for your project. What should be covered by automated testing, how to implement it properly, and what tools can be used for it.

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