Headless, the new buzzword in Magento 2 with Sander Mangel

As you may have seen already, there is a lot of discussion about Magento 2 Headless. Just to name a few:

Going headless offers many answers and solutions to the many and more complex architectures we face nowadays but it’s not the magic answer to all. Sander Mangel has started to get an insight of this world and he will tell us all you need to know to make the right decision when it comes to headless.

Sander Mangel, for the second year Magento Master, is a very passionate PHP developer with more than 7 years experience in Magento developing  but also one of the most active members of our community, being an organiser of quite a few Magento Events and local Meetups:

Getting others involved and reaching out to new people is what drives me to do events like MageStackDay, user groups, and help with Meet Magento. For me, collaboration is what drives true innovation. That goes for everything in life but especially the work I do with Magento development.”

He is currently the Lead developer & Architect at FitForMe, a web shop operating in 14 countries.

Talk: Headless Magento

How can you easily integrate that beautiful piece of business logic code you hand crafted into other frameworks?
How do you prepare that bespoke fulfilment module in Magento 1 to work in Magento 2?
How do you open up the powerful array of features in your client’s web shop to the world to connect with?
Learn more about writing headless code, about how it does not always equal ‘just exposing an API’ and how you can get started with a few easy steps by a collection examples and cases.

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