Beyond developers: they are cooders!

As you probably already know, Cooder is one of Mage Titans Italia Silver Sponsors.
They supported us since the beginning, becoming our first sponsor.

With 13 highly qualified people working in the fashion e-commerce for brand and retailer, Cooder combines strategy, creativity, ecommerce and CMS technology in order to offer the best digital shopping experience.

They started three years ago, but in a short time, thanks to the high developed competences and thanks to the dedication they have on their projects, they are considered one of the most promising Italian e-business agency; able to lead luxury companies and boutiques in the e-commerce shopability.

They make clients’ traffic flow into their online shops through research, social, affiliation and advertisement. They work to optimize the shopping experience and to transform visits in orders, collaborating with clients in order to evolve their brands in the digital global market.

The next future? They are working to combine the online and offline shopping experience improving the customer experience, with the certainty that this is the next digital business model.
Day by day they work in very close contact with their clients developing their vision and improving the projects in a constant and durable way.

Twitter: @cooder_it

A great event is made possible also thanks to great sponsors.

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