Ioana Marchis

B2B webshop with Ioana Marchis

B2B is the new rising star in the e-commerce world. A 2015 forecast from Frost & Sullivan expects total B2B e-commerce sales worldwide to reach $6.7 trillion by 2020. In fact, Magento introduced B2B as one of the most important features of the Enterprise Edition.

But with all the advantages B2B brings to grow your business, it also brings a lot of new challenges and Ioana Marchis, one of our great line-up speakers, will share all her experience on this topic.

Ioana Marchis, has started as a developer in 2003 and, in 2008, became the company owner of in2itive. She works with Magento since 2009 and launched thousands of webshops for the Dutch, German and Romanian market.

Talk: B2B Webshops

What to expect when implementing a B2B webshop? What can be the challenges you will face? And most importantly, what are the features that shop owners can have when implementing a B2B webshop with Magento?
Custom product lists or dashboards per groups of users, special user promotions, order quotes, ERP integration, recursive orders, custom product return, advanced reports and many other functions can make the difference for any B2B shop owner.

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