You’ve been here before. We open our doors to seasoned speakers and N00bs alike. If you have knowledge on something Magento-centric we want to hear it. We have already been speaking with some names you cannot ignore, but we’re looking for more.

Seasoned speaker?

You’ve done the rounds, you know what you’re doing, you’re opinionated and respected for that – get in touch, you could be just what we’re missing.

First timer?

You get your head down and slog hard, you’re new to the scene but you have ideas, maybe a little daunted? Don’t be – we want you on stage!

Mage Titans is for Magento developers, and we take this pretty seriously, so let’s get into the nitty gritty, get technical – get clever with it. Are you doing something that is bad ass Magento-centric? Do you know your stuff?

And if worried about travel and accommodation, we can help with that: speaker package

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  • The call is open until March 31st. In case your talk will not be selected but you still want to attend the conference don't worry, we will add a batch of tickets reserved for sale.
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